10 Healthcare innovations on my fantasy wish-list

In anticipation of TEDMED in 2 weeks, here is my fantasy list of healthcare innovations and changes, practicality be damned:

  1. An EHR that captures the concept in my mind when I think about a patient, which is closer to a 3D image than a paragraph. Give me a tool that doesn’t feel like I’m using a tool, much less enslaved to it.

  2. Make HIPAA work for doctors and patients. Don’t let it continue to be the excuse for third party ownership of health information.

  3. For the love all that is good in the world, make it one medical license for the country, if we are still indeed one country.

  4. A scheduling/payment format that enables me to take the time with my patients without the constant distraction of how long the next person has been waiting.

  5. An integrated platform that communicates with other healthcare professionals about shared patients without ever touching a fax machine.

  6. An approach to multi-disciplinary care founded on an open-minded understanding of the complex dimensions of wellness.

  7. Make “taking a sick day” not a sign of weakness, however subtly implied.

  8. Encourage open-mindedness creativity and collaboration instead of rigid competition in the selection and training of new doctors.

  9. Make medical literature readable.

  10. Allow technology to bring back the direct and personal nature of doctor-patient relationships while continuing to push us towards openness.